Anydesk – remote computer control

AnyDesk is one of the simplest and easiest-to-manage programs for remote access to a computer via the Internet. From the article you will learn what features the application provides and the basic requirements for the system. Get detailed instructions on how to use the free English version of AnyDesk.

Functions of the program on the computer


AnyDesk software is designed for remote control of any available device. If you install the application on two computers, the user will be able to connect and manage the files of the slave PC from the master, from anywhere in the world. Telecommuting is now even easier.

  • chat between master and slave PCs.
  • provides online communication with several computers at the same time;
  • it is possible to manage office PC files using a mouse and commands from a home device;
  • allows you to independently establish a secure connection through tunneling;
  • instant transfer of graphic files even at low connection speeds;
  • data protection with a password;
  • provides synchronous work with many operating systems;
  • mobile version available;
  • presence of an address book;
  • allows you to change skins;
  • the presence of a virtual printer;

Even having a weak connection speed on the computer, the user can transfer, copy, delete, create files remotely from a computer located in the company’s office, from home, from his car, from a hotel in a resort, etc.

AnyDesk free version limitations

  • no address book;
  • there is no accounting of the sessions carried out;
  • no graphical settings;
  • no access to more than one PC in one session;
  • control limit up to one device at a time.

Supported languages

Initially, the main program language was German, but now you can install AnyDesk in English and other languages: Russian, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Turkish, Ukrainian, and 27 other languages. Additionally, you do not need to download the crack, the program will be localized by default.

Advantages and disadvantages

Any application has a number of advantages and disadvantages. The functionality in different versions of AnyDesk is slightly different, but the pluses outweigh the minuses.

gaining access to many computers from one master;
the ability to work remotely and stay in touch with the office;
without confirming the connection, no one has access to the administration of the remote PC;
connection speed can be 100 kb / s or lower;
the ability to conduct lectures, conferences, managing files from a remote computer;
connected PCs may have different operating systems;
English-language interface;
the minimum size of the installation file is 3 MB;
minimal use of physical memory;
the free version is available only for individuals;
does not support proxy server;
mouse control is available for all users at the same time;
antivirus can block the program.

Download Anydesk on your computer for free


Download the free version of AnyDesk in English from our website or Yandex Disk, if, for some reason, downloading from the official website does not suit you.

Archives password: 2233

Download from the official site

Always the latest version of the program is on the official website. Download links by operating system are below.

How to use AnyDesk

Use our step-by-step instructions to get remote access to another PC.

  1. Download the appropriate version of the program from the link above.
  2. Run the program.
    запуск anydesk
  3. When opened, the program points to the personal number of the computer from which the control will take place.
    Номер компьютера
  4. To gain control, enter the personal number of the slave computer in the corresponding window.
    Подчиненный компьютер
  5. The program will connect to the remote PC.
    подключение к удаленному ПК
  6. The remote device will receive a control request. You need to give consent.
    Запрос на соединение
  7. A window with a desktop with the files of the last PC will open on the screen.
  8. A report of past sessions will appear in the row below.
    Отчет о соединениях

Features of work on Windows 7

For Windows 7, the developers have come up with a separate version – 6.0. It is not much different from the standard one. Security in this version is enhanced. The developers have canceled file transfers. Files can be viewed from the host computer and copied to the clipboard, but cannot be transferred from one PC to another. To do this, you will have to resort to some tricks:

  • upload files to file hosting services;
  • send to your mail;
  • save in the Cloud;
  • transfer via social networks, etc.

In addition, the default settings are also different. If it turns out that sound or other basic functions do not work, most likely they are not marked in the access settings, you need to go in and put a check mark. To work on Windows 7, you must have 55 MB of free disk space and at least 512 MB of RAM.

Features of work on Windows 10

When launched on Windows 10, users complain about the error that the program crashes on reconnection. To resolve this issue, you must have the Microsoft Visual C ++ package installed on your computer.

“Closing” also happens when the identification number is entered. In this case, ZoneAlarm Free Firewall 2019 comes in handy. The problem is that the built-in firewall does not work. The 2019 update will open up possibilities for controlling multiple PCs at once, as it is good at encrypting open ports. Free Enidesk does not allow supervising several computers at once.

Licensed versions of the application

The main application downloaded by most users is free. It has no expiration date, it just has limited functionality and is intended for individuals. That is, only one remote computer can be monitored and controlled. If the user wants to manage several PCs, it is already considered a small or large company and a licensed version is required to be purchased.

платная версия anydesk

Licensed versions are divided by cost and functionality. They are paid for once a month.

The simplest LITE version for € 8.49 includes:

  • small business opportunities;
  • remote printing;
  • autosearch;
  • file transfer;
  • interactive whiteboard;
  • control using a smartphone.

The professional version, worth 16.99 euros, includes in addition to the above:

  • opportunities for medium-sized businesses;
  • several sessions at the same time, but with restrictions;
  • control from multiple devices;
  • address book;
  • accounting of the sessions carried out
  • personalization.

Unlimited Power, worth € 41.99, additionally includes:

  • the number of simultaneous sessions is not limited.

Program installation


The file that the PC user downloads from the site is not bootable. Each time you close the program, the system prompts you to install a full-fledged version of the product. Installation takes place in three stages:

  1. In the window “Do you like AnyDesk?” click “Yes”.
    установка anydesk на компьютер
  2. The installation window will open, click “Accept and install”.
    Загрузка программы
  3. At the end of the installation, the installer will notify you of the successful completion of the process.
    Окно программы
  4. In the final window, you can clearly see which functions are available for the free version, and which are not active.

Version history and evolution

Early releases are fairly limited, with a boot file three times heavier. There was no personalization of each individual participant. The program had to be turned on all the time, now it starts when a personal computer or network is turned on. It became possible to generate temporary passwords, which increased the level of connection security.

The client window was standard, without the ability to adjust the scale. The clipboard did not work. Later the program was translated into several languages, including English. All functionality and settings have been translated, not just the interface.

Similar programs

The main analogue of the program is TeamViewer, besides it, there are several more similar options:

  • LogMeln;
  • Remote Desktop Connection;
  • Chrome Remote Desktop;
  • RealVNC
  • UltraVNC;
  • TightVNC.

How to uninstall a program

удаление anydesk
There are several steps required to uninstall Anydesk from a Windows 10 computer:

  1. Right-click on “Start” and select “Apps and Features”.
  2. Find AnyDesk in the list of programs.
  3. Click Uninstall AnyDesk.
  4. In the window that appears, click “Delete”.

Removal is possible only if you installed the program on your computer. In the case when you downloaded a file, launched it and used the functions of the program, you just need to delete the file and that’s it. Read more about uninstallation in our FAQ.

Mini FAQ

Is the free version sufficient for personal use?
Can I purchase a license later for the free version?
Which version of the program is better to install?
Is my personal data protected when using free Anydesk?
Can I control my computer via my mobile phone?
Is it possible to secretly monitor the actions on a remote location?

If you still have questions about the use, settings and downloading of the program, leave them in the comments and participate in the general discussion.
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Is the free version sufficient for personal use?
For personal use, the free option is quite enough, if there is no task to manage several PCs at once.
Can I purchase a license later for the free version?
The free product is for informational purposes only, advertising. If the user likes the functionality, he can purchase a license at any time.
Which version of the program is better to install?
Each operating system has its own optimal version, presented on the official website. All of them can be downloaded on our resource.
Is my personal data protected when using free Anydesk?
The application provides complete security. The algorithm was created on the basis of anti-hacking banking programs.
Can I control my computer via my mobile phone?
Control via a mobile phone or smartphone is only available with a license.
Is it possible to secretly monitor the actions on a remote location?
If AnyDesk is installed on that computer, then it is possible. The software starts when Windows starts, its icon can be hidden from the taskbar.