AnyDesk Portable

AnyDesk is a miniature application in English for connecting to remote computers with VPN support. Allows you to administer a PC, exchange files, text messages, take screenshots of the remote desktop, record video files. Keeps logs of communication sessions and actions with each of the remote hosts. You can download it for free from the link below.


How the portable AnyDesk works

The portable version ofAnyDesk is distributed free of charge for non-commercial use. It will run under an account with limited rights, because it does not require installation. After downloading a shortcut for the application on the desktop or in the taskbar, you will have to create yourself in order to bring it to the desktop.

anydesk portable
Remote Desktop.

The application works on mobile and desktop platforms.

Portable version features

The program is developed using its own DeskRT codec – it increases the efficiency of image transmission. Images are quickly compressed on one computer and instantly played back on another without lag. Smooth video playback (without an audio track) is guaranteed on computers with an Internet speed of 100 kB / s. With high-speed internet it guarantees 60 frames per second at any resolution. The balance between image quality, internet speed and response is selected automatically or manually in the settings.

возможности anydesk portable
Image transfer settings.

To ensure security, modern TLS 1.2 technology is used, which is used when making banking transactions. The connection is encrypted using the RSA algorithm with 2048-bit asymmetric keys. For remote control of home or work computers, lists of trusted hosts are available, except for which no one will connect to your PC. AnyDesk operates on mobile platforms, so you can work from home at several workplaces around the world with a smartphone in hand.

чат и файловый менеджер в portable версии anydesk
File manager with chat.

The address book will speed up the connection and show which clients are online. The command line expands the deployment and scaling capabilities of the application. AnyDesk allows you to print files to a local printer from a remote PC after pre-configuration. A virtual on-screen drawing board has been developed to explain and demonstrate instructions to customers.

Anydesk Portable Free Download


Download the English portable version of Anydesk for JC Windows below.

Anydesk Portable Rus 6.2.3

Archives password: 2233

Important! For business, the function of personalizing the application is available – adding a brand logo, changing the identifier in accordance with the name of the company.


Are there any connection restrictions in the portable version?
No. Portable version is a full-fledged utility for remote connection to a PC, free for personal use.
Does it differ in functionality from the main version?
The portable version of AnyDesk is also the main one. Provides access to all functions without restrictions, except for the uncontrolled access function. Therefore, you do not need to download something additionally.

When working with the portable version of AnyDesk, users have questions. If you have not figured out the portable version of the program and you have questions, write them in the comments.
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