How to install AnyDesk on Linux

AnyDesk is a simple cross-platform client for organizing remote access between devices on different platforms. When the host application is running, it allows you to connect to computers, laptops through a browser in order to fully manage them. From the publication you will learn about the features of AnyDesk for Linux: the pros and cons of the program, the technologies used.


About the program

anydesk на linux

AnyDesk with a size of 5 MB allows you to establish communication between computers and gadgets, remotely control them, monitor the workspace. The utility was developed by the fragments of the TeamViewer team of creators, therefore, it combines its functionality, versatility and lightness. Erlang technology used in telecommunications ensures connection stability over many hours. Delays when working through a local network do not exceed 16 ms.


The achievement of the authors is the implementation of an advanced video codec written to optimize the rendering of user interfaces. In addition to a decent level of image compression, it sends to the dominant PC only changing areas of the image on the display, saving traffic and reducing the load on the “hardware”, the Internet channel. Works over wireless internet at a speed of 100 kbps.

Pros and cons of AnyDesk Remote Desktop
Benefits of the program include:
two-factor authentication;
low weight and resource consumption;
launch without installation;
regular updates;
work on any operating system;
connecting to a host through a browser;
screenshot creation and screen recording;
drawing board on the client's screen.
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The two-pane file manager will simplify the exchange of documents and directories using the clipboard, the drag-and-drop function is not implemented. There are voice and text chats for customer communication. Remote printing will help you to print any information on a service printer from home to paper.

In the Enterprise version, the program can be deployed on a local network without access to the Internet, raising security and privacy to a new level.

Supported Linux OS

  • openSUSE 15;
  • CentOS 7;
  • RedHat Enterprise 7;
  • Generic Linux;
  • Fedore;
  • Debian.

Connection security

To connect, you need to provide the computer identifier (AnyDesk ID) and provide access. This is used by cybercriminals, which is why the program is banned by a number of providers around the planet. Here you need to be careful not to provide ID and permissions to strangers. The rest of the application is characterized by unprecedented security. The connection is encrypted using TLS 1.2 (used in banking) using asymmetric key exchange technology.

To reduce latency and improve privacy, traffic does not go through AnyDesk servers.

Free Download AnyDesk on Linux


You can get detailed information about commercial tariffs, help with usage and settings on the official site of the program. You can download the English version of AnyDesk for any Linux operating system below.

Anydesk for Linux from the official site

Installation instructions

To install the application (for example Ubuntu) on a computer in the terminal, run the commands:

wget -qO - | sudo apt-key add -

Add AnyDesk repository to Ubuntu:

echo "deb all main" | sudo tee /etc/apt/sources.list.d/anydesk-stable.list

Updating apt cache and directly installing the application:

sudo apt updatesudo apt install anydesk

установка anydesk на linux

To remove an application from your computer, run:
sudo apt purge anydesk


How do I switch the language to English?

Open the application settings through the main menu, select “English” from the list and restart AnyDesk.

настройка на linux


If you have problems installing or running the program on Linux, write to us, we will help you solve the problem.
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