Installing Anydesk on Android

One of the most requested remote access apps on the Internet is now available for your phone. Anydesk for Android allows you to control your computer from mobile devices and vice versa. From the article, you will learn about the basic functions, how to download and configure a PC connection for your phone.


Features of the program

Smartphone software is capable of:

  • provide high-quality and high-speed connection with two or more PCs;
  • transfer, edit, copy, download and delete files remotely;
  • it is possible to create TCP and VPN tunnels;
  • configure and print to a remote printer;
  • allows you to control your computer via your phone;
  • provides a secure connection;
  • protects against unauthorized connections through the creation of temporary passwords and administration;
  • supports hotkeys;
  • there is a Wake-Up function.

Pros and cons of the program

Among similar remote control programs, AnyDesk has a number of advantages that allow you to use the application without having special skills.

connects to different operating systems without installing additional plugins and utilities;
confidentiality at the level of banking algorithms;
convenient and simple interface;
minimum requirements for internet speed and device memory;
supports 27 languages, including English;
allows for covert surveillance.
the extended licensed version requires a monthly payment;
can be errors with Windows 10.

Download Anydesk for Android free


You can get detailed information about commercial tariffs, help with usage and settings on the official website of the program. You can download the free English version of AnyDesk for your Android phone from various sources using the buttons below.

AnyDesk control plugins for Android

These plugins will be needed to control the smartphone from a computer, if the PC does not control the phone using ad1. It happens that different versions of a plug-in are suitable for different versions of the OS and different models of smartphones.

How to use program on Android

To start using the application, you must follow these instructions. After installation, we will analyze how to connect to an Android smartphone from a Windows computer using the Anydesk program on a PC and a smartphone application.

  1. Go to Google Play Market and install the app or use the download links above.
    anydesk на android из google play
  2. After downloading, run the .apk file with the program on your phone or open the AnyDesk application. It will offer to install a plug-in to control your smartphone on Android from your computer. To install, just follow the prompts from the system. If the ad1 plugin did not suit you and you were unable to control your smartphone from a PC, try other remote access plugins (download buttons above).
    установка anydesk на android
  3. Download and run version AnyDesk for computer. After turning on the program on your personal computer, enter the ID indicated in the main window of the application on your smartphone.версия anydesk для компьютера
  4. Provide all required permissions for the connection.
    разрешения для anydesk на android смартфоне
  5. Successful connection to the Android smartphone desktop.
    подключение компьютера к android смартфону

Similarly, you can connect to a computer from a phone. This requires that the PC version of the program be running on the computer. Just enter the device ID indicated in the program window on the PC into the application on the smartphone and start remote control of the computer. Control from the tablet is similar.


Video instruction: remote access to a smartphone via Anydesk from the GuideProSoft channel.
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