Is it possible to download the licensed Anydesk program via torrent?


AnyDesk is an innovative solution from the TeamViewer developers for remote access and management of client desktops. Supports cross-compatibility between various desktop and mobile operating systems. It is distributed in four editions in English. Let’s see how they differ, whether you can get a key for AnyDesk for free.

About AnyDesk

The application is designed for remote customer support, administration of servers and workstations in the environment of small and large businesses, for personal use. Works on most mobile and computer operating systems, provides access to a PC through a browser.

The exclusive DeskRT video codec, created for the transfer of graphical OS interfaces, demonstrates the highest speed, quality of video compression and decoding. It guarantees the original image quality at internet speeds in the region of 100 kbps and frame rates up to 60 per second.

Erlang telecom technology ensures long-term session stability with minimal latency. In a local network, it does not exceed 16 ms. AnyDesk supports client-side drawing, two-way audio, messaging and file exchange.

AnyDesk Premium License Versions

  1. Free – free for personal use.
  2. Lite – Small Business – offers unlimited plug-in stations, requires a monthly subscription costing € 8.49.
  3. AnyDesk Professional – license key required, address book, cloud session registration, client personalization, unlimited connections. You have to pay € 16.99 per month.
  4. Power – professional version with any number of simultaneous connections for 41.99 € per month.
Proceed to purchase a license

To activate AnyDesk, you will have to buy a license key, the developer has ruled out the possibility to use the application for free. To enter it, open the main menu, select “Change …”, enter the set of characters received by mail after payment, and register your version of the client.


Is it possible to download the licensed Anydesk program via torrent?

Downloading AnyDesk via torrent

It is recommended to download the application only from trusted sources. Click on the link below to download AnyDesk via torrent.

The file must be opened through a torrent client: uTorrent, qBitTorrent. The interface is slightly different in different programs.

  1. Double click on the torrent file to run through the download manager.
  2. In the bootloader window, specify the path for storing AnyDesk and click “OK”.
  3. The panel on the right shows the content of the download. Wait for the download to complete. At 3.5 MB, it will take seconds.
    anydesk download via torrent
  4. You can run the utility from the client window: right-click on the distribution and select “Open destination folder”.
    opening file
  5. The cursor will move to the executable file of the program automatically. Hit Enter.

If a warning appears that the application may be dangerous, confirm the launch of AnyDesk. If you do not trust it, send the file for verification at VirusTotal, scan it with the antivirus installed on your computer.


Will the Premium version work without keys?
No. You need to purchase a license.
You need to connect to your computer to work, is the free AnyDesk enough?
Yes. The Free version has a limited number of supported stations, simultaneous connections, no address book. The rest of the functions are available.

If you have a questions, write in the comments, we will help find answers to your questions.

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