AnyDesk hotkeys with working on a remote computer


There are basic hotkeys that are suitable for a specific OS, and special ones for controlling a remote PC through AnyDesk. For example, if you need to copy text on a MAC OS and paste into Windows, you need to use the corresponding keys specifically for MAC (CDM + C) and Windows (Ctrl + V). Insertion into another OS is performed according to the layout in this system.

Hot keys for working with the program:

F11Exit full screen mode or login. You can enter full-screen mode by double-clicking on the screen.
F2Default monitor view.
F3Compressed monitor view mode.
F4Stretched monitor viewing mode.
COpen chat.
STurn on / off sound.
IEnable / disable input.
PTake a screenshot.
MShow / hide the mouse cursor.
DeleteSend File Ctrl + Alt + Del
Left/RightSwitch to another monitor.
1…9Turning on the monitor by the first digit of the personal code.

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