How to remove AnyDesk from your computer completely?


There are several ways to uninstall AnyDesk. Run the Uninstall file through Start, uninstall through the Control Panel, or use an application to uninstall programs.

Uninstalling via the Start Menu

  1. Go to Start and find the AnyDesk folder in the programs list.
  2. Click on it and select the Uninstall file.
    removing anydesk
  3. In the window, click Delete.
    delete confirmation

Uninstallation via the “Control Panel”

  1. Go to Start and open Control Panel.
    Control Panel
  2. Select the Programs tab.
    uninstall programs
  3. Click on “Programs and Features”.
    Programs and Components
  4. Find AnyDesk among the programs.
    uninstalling the program through the control panel
  5. In the window that appears, click “Delete”.

Complete removal of AnyDesk using special programs

Some programs will help to remove the application completely from the computer, including temporary files and any information from the registry:

  • Your Uninstaller;
  • Soft Organizer;
  • Wise Program Uninstaller;
  • Revo Uninstaller;
  • Total Uninstaller.

If you have any questions about configuring software, downloading and uninstalling, write in the comments, take part in the general discussion.

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  1. G

    This does not remove the printer driver.

  2. anna murzaeva

    How delete and unsubscribe any desk from my iPhone

  3. Oleg

    I’d like completely remove! Why I see anydesk service on my w2008r2 server? :x

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