How to use AnyDesk to work remotely?


AnyDesk is a free remote PC control tool, the closest competitor to TeamViewer and Ammy Admin. Created according to the principle: download, launch, connect and work. The application has a miniature one-window interface without confusing menus. The connection is established in a couple of clicks. The code, brought to perfection, works practically without errors.

In this article we will show you how to use AnyDesk: set up, establish a connection between a PC and an Android device. Let’s figure out the main functions of the program, the issues that arise during the operation of the application.

AnyDesk: what can the program do?

A powerful tool for private and corporate use, for remote connection to a PC using a computer or mobile phone. It is used to administer clients (customers), help friends, gain access to a business or home device from any platform.

Cross-platform compatibility allows you to work with machines on mobile, desktop operating systems. DeskRT’s unparalleled security and smart proprietary codec guarantee confidentiality, minimal bandwidth usage and graphics accelerator.

Remote connection to PC

EniDesk is used to resolve private and commercial issues, regardless of the platform used by the customer and the developer (service provider). Works with  Windows, Linux, FreeBSD, Mac. Supports mobile operating systems: iOS, Raspberry, Android, Chrome OS. Individuals resort to using AnyDesk to interact with their home PCs via the Internet, gain access to office computers from home – this is important when working remotely during a pandemic.

Important! With the application, you can connect and control your home PC from anywhere in the world after setup uncontrolled access. Another option for using AnyDesk is to control a computer from a smartphone while watching a movie while lying on the couch.

How to connect to another PC

To establish communication with a remote machine, follow the instructions below (consider the example of two computers on Windows, for other operating systems the process is similar, the placement of interface elements is slightly different):

  1. Run the program on both devices.
  2. Ask the client for their address (ID). It is indicated at the top left (block “This is a workplace”).

    computer address in enidesk
    These are nine digits, copied to the clipboard through a right click.

  3. Enter the received combination in the field below and click “Connect”.
    client connection
  4. The client will receive a request – he must confirm the connection.
    connection confirmation

The slave computer can restrict the master’s rights, allow or deny:

  • audio transmission;
  • nterception of the mouse and keyboard, their blocking;
  • access to the clipboard;
  • restarting the computer;
  • the use of a file manager for exchange;
  • obtaining system information;
  • printing documents on a local printer;
  • drawing on the screen;
  • creation of TCP tunnels;
  • activation of the privacy mode.

After accepting the request, you will see the desktop of the remote machine.

What do you need to connect to my PC

To connect to your computer, you need to run AnyDesk on two PCs and follow the instructions in the steps:

  1. Tell your opponent the identifier by phone, messenger, social network, email.
  2. In the window with the request, decide on the permissions for the operator and give the go-ahead to establish communication.

    anydesk permissions
    The window is displayed throughout the session, in which the client can change the permissions at any time.

  3. Click Finish to disconnect.
    end anydesk session

Program interface and settings

AnyDesk has a single-window tabbed interface.

Anydesk control buttons

After the connection is established, other tabs appear:

  1. Switching between monitors (relevant for multi-monitor systems).
  2. File Manager – allows you to transfer documents in both directions.
  3. Chat is a built-in messenger for sending text messages.
  4. AnyDesk additional actions menu: requesting extended privileges, sending a Ctrl + Alt + Del command, taking screenshots, restarting the computer remotely, configuring TCP tunnels.
    anydesk additional actions
  5. Keyboard options: layout, media and navigation buttons.
    anydesk keyboard
  6. View – change the way the contents of the remote desktop are displayed.
    display in anydesk
  7. Additional permissions for the dominant computer.
    anydesk rights
  8. Calling the panel for drawing – adding arrows, lines, geometric shapes.
  9. Recording the session to a video file.
  10. Opening session history.
    anydesk connection history

Main functions of AnyDesk

Some features of the AnyDesk program deserve special attention.

Role reversal

When working in AnyDesk, the connected computer is called dominant (operator), the one to which they are connected – client, subordinate. The application allows you to exchange their roles (rights) in two clicks without breaking the connection. Open the action menu and select Switch Sides.

change of roles in anydesk

To switch between screens of a remote PC to which two or more monitors are connected, use the button with the display number.


changing screens

Chat between devices

For communication between the operator and the client, AnyDesk has a built-in chat. To open the messenger window, click on the dialog icon in the toolbar. Only text messages, link addresses can be entered into the text line. A file manager is used to transfer documents.

anydesk messaging

File sharing

The built-in file manager will simplify the transfer of documents and directories between devices over the network at the initiative of the dominant computer.

  1. Click on the file browser icon in the toolbar.
  2. In the right pane (destination device), open the directory where you are going to copy or move data.
  3. Select objects on the left (as in Windows Explorer), right-click and click Load.

Attention! Drag & drop is not yet implemented.

Similarly, directories with files in AnyDesk are copied to the dominant computer.

anydesk file transfer

If the function is not available, ask the client to give access to the file system: he needs to expand the AnyDesk window, click on the notebook button – the gray color will be replaced by blue.

anydesk file transfer permission

To obtain administrator rights on a remote computer, open the action menu and request elevated privileges.

elevation of rights in anydesk

Correction of errors in EniDesk

Problems related to the program are resolved through the support service. If an error appears (AnyDesk crashed, unable to connect) and do not know what to do – write in the comments or email: Be sure to attach a screenshot. Also, you can take a look at our page with popular bugs and how to fix them, and articles in the FAQ section.


Is there a portable version of AnyDesk to run without installation?
AnyDesk is portable by default – no installation required. To organize uncontrolled access, the program is recommended to be installed on a computer.
Where can I find an address book in AnyDesk?

To open the address book, click on the field for entering AnyDesk ID and select the appropriate item. Available only in the professional version of the app.

address book in anydesk


If you have any questions – write in the comments, we will answer you.

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