How do I set up AnyDesk to auto-start when I turn on my computer?


For remote assistance to clients, relatives or friends, use the AnyDesk program to organize remote access via the Internet. With regular connection, it is advisable to add the program to autorun. In the publication, we will look at how to set up an auto connection to a remote PC and how it is done on Windows and MacOS. Let’s take a separate look at how to disable automatic launch.

When do you need AnyDesk autoloading?

Startup is a function of the operating system for launching third-party and built-in applications, services, drivers after loading the Desktop. Imagine, you always have a couple of instant messengers, Anydesk, a keyboard layout switcher, an email client, and other programs. Their launch is automated thanks to autoload – it will enable the specified applications after the OS starts.

It is not worth adding resource-intensive programs, such as a browser, to autorun, as well as abuse the function – a dozen programs will slow down the startup of the computer.

How to add AnyDesk to startup on Windows

There are several ways to configure AnyDesk to automatically load when you turn on your computer.

Let’s consider the simplest way:

  1. Hold down the Win + R buttons, insert or write the command “shell: startup” into the text line, click “OK”.
    launching startup manager in windows
  2. Right-drag the AnyDesk.exe file to the Startup directory and select Create Shortcuts.
    create anydesk shortcut for autorun

How to disable AnyDesk startup on Windows

To remove an application from startup:

  1. Call the “Device Manager“, for example, through the Win + X menu.
    start device manager
  2. In the “Startup” tab, right-click on the name of the application and select “Disable”.
    disable autostart anydesk
  3. AnyDesk autostart will be disabled.

AnyDesk Autostart on MacOS

Programs that start with the operating system macOS version 10.10 and newer are located in the “System Preferences” directory:

  1. Click on the apple icon in the main menu, select the item of the same name.
  2. Go to “Users and Groups”.
    Users and groups in mac os
  3. On the left, specify the user if there are several accounts on the laptop.
  4. Click on AniDesk in the “Entry Items” tab, then on the “minus” sign at the bottom.

You may not find the program in the list, you will have to delete it manually.

disabling anydesk autoload in mac os

  1. Open Finder with the Shift + Ctrl + G key combination, browse the contents of the “Library / LaunchDaemons” and “Library / LaunchAgents” directories.
  2. Identify (by name) the files belonging to the application and delete them to disable autorun.

search and delete program files in mac os

removing anydesk files from autorun

Attention. If you need to autorun the utility, zip the files beforehand.


Can AnyDesk be configured to launch at a specific time?
Is there an automatic shutdown of the program?

If you have any problems with setting up autorun, write about it in the comments – we will help everyone.

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  1. Ramakrishna reddy

    How to my computer any disk and start up and like my work doing,I want a Gide you sir.

  2. AnydeskSucks

    Worst remote desktop tool ever. No ability to define startup within settings and must be done manually through windows – most of the settings are pointless and the things you need to change aren’t there, requires permission to be shut down which can’t be done remotely, and the help on the website is all in Russian.

    I’ve tried to use Anydesk for two days and got NOTHING DONE. Going back to Teamviewer as it at least does what it says it does even if it is a pile of crap.

  3. Me

    There is an error in this tutorial. Should be “taskschd.msc”, not “askschd.msc”.

  4. Julius Tuskenis

    “How to disable AnyDesk startup on Windows” says you must open Device Manager, but actually “Task Manager” should be opened to alter startup. The screenshot showing menu item “Диспечер задач” confirms the author ment “Task Manager”.

  5. Mike

    This would be MUCH more useful if the screenshots were in English. Also, “Device Manager” has nothing to do with program startup. :sad:

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