How to connect to a remote PC via AnyDesk without confirmation?


If you regularly connect to a work computer from home for remote work or a personal PC from a smartphone, you should configure the connection in AnyDesk without confirmation. So, after preliminary configuration, you will be able to connect to the workstation from anywhere without confirmation from the other side. Below you will find step-by-step instructions on how to connect to a device without confirmation, what is needed for this and when possible. We will tell you how to restrict operator rights and reset interactive access settings.

Is it possible to login to AnyDesk without confirmation

In the free version of AnyDesk for non-commercial use, the so-called uncontrolled access is possible – connecting to the client without confirmation. After enabling the option and setting the password, the connection between the devices occurs without a request for remote control. To implement the function, the program must be installed on both devices (computers), and not just run.

  1. Find the corresponding button in the main window.
    installing anydesk on a PC
  2. Specify the installation parameters, then click “Accept and Install”.
    anydesk installation path
  3. The installed program will start. It is added to the automatic start of the operating system – it will constantly start simultaneously with Windows. Detail, how to remove AnyDesk from startup, read separately. anydesk main window

Configuring Uncontrolled Access for Windows

After installing the application to configure permanent access, you will need administrator rights or launch the program under the appropriate account.

  1. Open the settings with the button in the upper right corner and go to the “Security” section. Unlock security options.
    anydesk security setup
  2. A new window will open. If prompted by UAC – “User Account Control” – click “Yes”. A short way – click “Change access password …” in the main window.
    change anydesk access password
  3. Activate the “Allow uncontrolled access” option. Enter a strong password and confirm it. After “Apply” will become active, you must click on it.
    change anydesk password
  4. Provide the password and ID to the operator. The next time you connect to the current computer, you must enter the password. To skip the window with a request next time, activate the “Log in automatically” option.
    entering anydesk password



Restrictions for unsupervised login

The operator’s capabilities for interactive access to control a remote machine change when connected without a request:

  1. Click “Change Password …”.
    change anydesk password
  2. Go to the subsection “Other AnyDesk users are allowed …” and uncheck the boxes next to the options that should be prohibited.
    anydesk security options
  3. Close the window, the changes will be saved automatically.

Configuring uncontrolled access on Android

Follow these steps to automatically connect to your Android device without additional prompts.

  1. Tap “Change password …”.
    change anydesk password on android
  2. Allow the connection without prompting – you will need a checkmark next to the corresponding item. Next, you need to enter a password.
    entering access password
  3. In the subsection below “Other AnyDesk users …” you can restrict the operator’s rights.
    anydesk limitation


Reset login without confirmation in AnyDesk

To close uncontrolled access, follow the instructions.

  1. Tap on the icon at the top left.
    anydesk window on android
  2. Enter the “Settings” section to reset access.
    login to anydesk settings
  3. Click “Remove Authorization Tokens” and uncheck the indicated boxes.
    deleting authorization tokens
  4. The window can be closed; changes do not need to be confirmed.


What analogues does AnyDesk have?
As a free replacement, the following are suitable: TeamViewer, Ammyy Admin, LogMeIn, Remote Desktop Services Windows, Radmin, browser add-on Chrome Remote Desktop.
Can I connect with uncontrolled access to a sleeping PC?
The 6th version of AnyDesk has a function Wake-on-LAN – the dominant computer will wake up the sleeping one if both are on the same network. The option does not work via the Internet.

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